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About me

I’m a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary full stack developer. To put those words into more concrete terms: I primarily build frontends and backends for web-based software, with a slight tendency to lean towards the front side of things. I also manage servers and infrastructure, build development tooling, design user interfaces & perform content audits, and write technical & non-technical texts.

Skills and experience

Knowing how to take a project from start to finish (and beyond) is one of my key strengths. Given the variety of hats I’ve worn during my seven years on the field, there’s a lot I can offer every step of the way. With that being said, my recent years have definitely sharpened my focus towards all things technical.

Code & software

My primary programming languages of choice are Elixir, JavaScript and PHP. While I’ve studied a variety of other languages out of sheer curiosity (Elm, Erlang, Clojure, Idris, Rust and Python come to mind), they’ve historically been more curiosities than professional tools in my toolbox.

It would be a crime to not mention WordPress, the open source CMS that has paid my bills for all these years. Lastly, I’m well versed with modern HTML and CSS (Sass being a particularly preferred flavour) with strong understanding of web accessibility and how to meet WCAG guidelines.

Tools & platforms

To manage the hosting of things, I’m familiar with infrastructure automation tools such as Ansible and Terraform, build systems such as CircleCI, TravisCI, GitHub Actions and Bitbucket Pipelines, and web server software Nginx and Apache. I also have a grasp of both AWS and Heroku ecosystems, and have run a bunch of web services on both.

After spending roughly a year as a dedicated Analytics Developer, I acquired a fairly decent grasp of Google’s web analytics and SEO products. In addition to the non-software part of planning and analyzing data, I got my hands dirty with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio and Google Search Console.

I’ve also played around with Google Colab when building personal machine learning projects, such as a FastAI- and Python-powered bot to detect and inform us when there’s coffee available in the office kitchen.

Design & communication

On the design front, my tools of the trade include Photoshop, Sketch and Figma. When I’m sketching up new concepts, I tend to prefer the use of good old pen & paper over more modern technology, as I feel this allows for more rapid ideation and more frictionless collaboration with other stakeholders.

I’m also familiar with a variety of UX design methodologies, and I like to combine these with the low-friction sketching for best results. I’m also a big fan of in-browser prototyping, because it allows all stakeholders to get a feel for the real thing as soon as possible.

When I’m not busy with all the above, I do also perform copywriting work every now and again. This includes identifying the goals and values of the company, establishing a tone of voice for the brand, and collaborating with stakeholders to produce text that is uniquely theirs.